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ELDER MOUNTAIN is located in the Pacific Northwest in Ashland, near the California border. It is in it’s creation stages and will offer a 3-fold community by it’s artistic collaborators Phoenix the Elder (Dreamer, Folk Healer, Wise Counsel & Artist);  Jennifer Reeves (Dreamer, Artist, Farm & Gardener); and  Sarah Burnt Stone (Dreamer, Artist, Dancer, Art Director)… Opening 2018.

2017 Gatherings

color pencil illustration by Bernhard Oberdieck
Season 1  – Empowering Dreamers

When: Sat. January 28, 2017 Meets 6-times, once a month.
Where: Elder Mountain, Highway 66, Ashland OR

Time: 6 – 9 pm – Cost: $300.00 for 6 gatherings.
RSVP: Space Limited with non-refundable deposit.
Class Information handed out at first gathering.
Write for more Information and details or to
RSVP: ElderMountainDreaming@Gmail.com

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*1. Seasonal Spiritual Artist Residency: Supporting artists, international artists, creatives, performance artists, writers, textile artists, traditional or modern crafter, folk artists, primitive artists, videographers or any type of artist seeking to weave their soul’s journey into their artistic retreats for awareness, healing and spiritual path. One can be an artist or open to explore the artist spiritual path, the stays are between 1 and 3 weeks in a private yurt or living tent with an opportunity to teach at the local art-coop for more seasoned artists. Over 21 welcomed. Target opening for Artist Retreats is Summer of 2018. We are a 100% sober community. *2. Local Ashland Community: A small and intimate community for those wishing to heal through art, dreaming, shamanism, creativity and healing at informal and formal circles and gatherings.

Phoenix Flowers 3 2016*3.  Phoenix the Elder is a Dreamer, Medicine Dreamer (Oneiromancy), Seer, Astrologer & Folk Healer from her Slavic ancestral lineages (Szeptuchy Whisperer, Mokfarka, Szamanka) who helps others on their path of Dreaming, Healing, Transformation, Magic through Nature and Art, and the path of Mysticism as a journey to self understanding. She works with any emotional issue including fears, addictions, self sabotage, sexual issues, soul fragmentation, mind/body healing, relationship issues, abuses, special needs, any shadow type of clearings etc. in a safe and grounded foundation. She teaches the detoxing purification processes of mind, body or soul related to personal issues. Creative healing applied to karmic pain, one’s sensitivities of the emotional and soul body with positive results. We are each responsible for our health ultimately, and as a long dedicated healer and self healing, Phoenix can assist individuals, families and groups to focus on the wisdom of the path with a safe and steady practice and wisdom. Phoenix works with transformation and crisis work, emotional endurance, healthy boundaries, learning mirror work etc.

Modalities of work: Medicine dreamer, folk healer, shaman eradicating shadow issues, empathic medical intuitive, certified rebirther (breathworker), energy healer, seer & dream seer, remote viewer for healing work, chakra healing work, astrologer, card reader, structure of chaos and real chaos magic (not knowledge). Healing Ceremonies, Esoteric support, Mysticism & Ancient Moon structure work-study, Soul and Dream Journeys (Equinox, Solstice), Shadow Healing. Bio given to potential and interested students after a phone conversations about your issues or needs.)


































The Delphi Earth Dragon Python

“In The Air Tonight”

I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord
And I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life, Oh Lord
Can you feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord, oh LordWell, if you told me you were drowning
I would not lend a hand
I’ve seen your face before my friend
But I don’t know if you know who I am
Well, I was there and I saw what you did
I saw it with my own two eyes
So you can wipe off that grin,
I know where you’ve been
It’s all been a pack of lies

And I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord
Well, I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord
I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord
And I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord, oh Lord

Well I remember, I remember don’t worry
How could I ever forget,
It’s the first time, the last time we ever met
But I know the reason why you keep your silence up,
No you don’t fool me
The hurt doesn’t show
But the pain still grows
It’s no stranger to you and me

And I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord
Well, I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord
I can feel it in the air tonight, oh Lord, oh Lord
But I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord
I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord
But I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord
I can feel it in the air tonight, oh Lord, oh Lord, oh Lord
But I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord, oh Lord


Sources: One still shot photo by Aggeliki Kokkove Photography; Song: In the Air Tonight by sung by Kelly Sweet cover of Phil Collins.

Palm Reading: The Mystic’s Triangle, the Letter M, Psychic Triangle

Palms up by Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Palmistry is a prehistoric divination because we have had our hands long before any written language, occult symbols or symbolic languages such as runes and because of that, diviners have a full and unwritten past. The more modern roots of palmistry came through India and also the Chinese book I Ching or at least that is what is said, I am sure many places on earth have practiced the art. Its also endured and survived the skeptics.

I have had my palm read three times in my life, but the last one was the best, I was around 37 years old, already having been an astrologer for twenty years and a symbolist, so I understood the readings and descriptions by the palmist. The last palmist was an elderly gentleman around 85 years old and still reading palms, he took my hands and began to draw on them with his red marker while he was reading them. He wore very thick glasses and I thought it was because his eyesight was bad that he used the marker, but apparently Palmists do that.


After he went over the main reading, he said I save the best for last with a little gleam in his bright blue eyes, he showed me that on both my palms I have the fated Mystic Triangles (sometimes called the Great Triangle, but not to be confused with the Mystic Cross or Psychic Triangle). I joked and said well, maybe that is because my Mercury (which rules hands) is in Capricorn (earths wisdom), he smiled because he too had studied many different esoteric practices when all the symbols begin to form a root system at the base or foundation of all esoteric symbolic work. I had never seen these triangles until he pointed them out, either did the other two palmists who were very good readers.

My Palmist was the type of person that got down to business and I miss him very much. The difference of having an 85 year old read your palm is amazing. I have always honored my wise spiritual elders, but I am wise enough to know that its not true for everyone, it’s mostly because I have saturn who rules wisdom and the elder conjunct my mars (actions), so actions of any kind and in this case, the spiritual elders – I have respected the endurance of their seasoned craft. Working my palmist made it even more special and I had great appreciation for him, as he definitely worked out his adult life issues and found peace in his elder stage, and that actually radiates both power and love as his wisdom entered the deeper oracles.

Mystics Triangle, Great Triangle – Symbolism

tumblr_ntkrnh6zPR1ud3ds8o1_1280The Mystic Triangle relates to all things of the “the souls, karma and the emotional body” because its formed (red) by the Heart (also called the Quadrangle in relationship to the mystics triangle), the Fate line and Health line the smaller mystic triangle made from the (pink) Head, Fate and Health lines. Any smaller hash lines that form smaller triangle in the center of the hand is not the mystic triangle, but the smaller hash lines of the “psychics triangle”  (see below).

The Mystic Triangle shows the path to the spiritual journey as its final destination regardless of a persons occupation, but for the spiritual person it means a devout path as their fate (rather than profession) which means they do not have a choice.

The MT individual hold very strong intuition and perception (and an emotional body o with it) and can be seen in other esoteric practices as well, for example, I have a Thor’s Hammer in my Astrology chart which is equivalent to the mystics triangle. A lifelong battle of survival as the tests of the spiritual nature and soul of that person. A Mystics Triangle is self mastery in a spiritual way and generally one begins unconsciously when young to prepare them for their fate and their health and broken heart. This can also mean a battle, or a struggle in life. Some use the word curse, but its really karma and its purification processes.

The size of the triangle makes a difference as well, there are two sizes, a large one and one just a bit smaller because of the head line, which makes it more condensed (the small triangle gives is more intense experiences and thus greater wisdom if the tests are passed). The bigger or broader triangle is less intense of a life, but requires  more endurance of a life long journey where personal will is limited. When the upper angle (made by the Head and Life Lines) is acute, the subject will be more nervous and sensitive to changes. Mystic Triangles, although a very difficult to carry, my suffer more only because they are much more sensitive. A self healing path is a good survival tool. Triangles need to endure more than other people or spiritual people, but someday the fate will be fulfilled if you never give up. There are no monetary or outer rewards like the MTs, but a great peace after decades of chaos into completion and then wisdom, those are inner rewards.

In metaphysical work (mental body esoteric work, rather than the emotional and soul body) the Kabbalah says that the Magical Triangle is formed by the mind or Netzach, the Astral Body (emotional soul energy body) and the Ethereal Body (spirit body) which is also the basic life force principle (which is not about sex but a root chakra energy or survival symbolism) principle of life.

Example of my Mystics Triangle and the Healers Magic Hands

old handWriting this article today, because twenty years have gone by since my last palm reading, and because my mystic triangles were so prominent. I am glad the palmist drew red lines over them, it made a mental forging that I would never forget. I had both Mystic Triangles on both hands. I have always heard in the deeper circles of the esoteric palmists, that lines will actually disappear when they are fulfilled.  I was never sure about that because I had never heard anyone actually experience it and then share, or I have never seen examples of it with imaged proof of photographs of the hand.

So I redrew the mystic triangles on both my hand today and I see on my right hand (the giving hand) the triangle has changed and evolved. The ‘Fate’ line (left side of triangle) is almost completely gone except for the top 1/2 inch. But the ‘Sun’ line once obscured and faint and on an angle, is now making a new smaller triangle in the upper left corner. My ‘Saturn’ line (some call it the Karma and Career line) was true (right line of the triangle) because my Mars/Saturn conjunction this lifetime was the energy behind one of my two, actual Karmic lives, a soldier of antiquity who lived from 2 ce to 42 ce in both the Egypt (Memphis) and ancient Italy where he was born.

The Letter M – Symbolism

mThe oldest sound is m because it is the sound of mother, maa, mom which is an ancient sound in all cultures and the root of nurturing and mother. It also comes from the root of the moon and memories. So this gives a root foundation meaning of the Palmists M. The next layer on top of that is from eras of writing,  the letter M is derived from the Phoenician word Mem, via the Greek Mu and its thought to represent water (the symbol of emotions). The Semitic people working in Egypt 2000 bce borrowed a hieroglyph for “water.” Symbolically then as a base root, the M is association mother (nurturing) and water (emotional nurturing) either receiving or learning to give. If the M is on the right hand would be a giving of the nurturing aspect which healers or helpful people would have. If the M is on the left hand, it would signify a need to learn to nurture the self from the inner mother (inner nurturer). If on both hands, then balance must be found this lifetime of how to both give and receive love (nurturing and helping others selflessly) because there are issues karma, where it was abused. Not an easy task indeed.

In the mental teachings, M is also the letter of Magic from magh- “to be able, to have power.” From Persian magu “priestess, one of the members of the learned,” from O.Pers. magush; Sanskrit mahas, “power”; Latin magis and German mebr, that mean “more.” The word magic is derived from the ancient word “mag” that means magi of the priestess. “Magic, according to Novalis, is the art of influencing the inner world consciously.” “It’s said when magic is explained as it really is, it seems to make no sense to factual people, they prefer to follow their world of illusions.”

Esoteric and Folk practitioners say the letter “M” on the palm by the major lines of the heart, head and life lines joining in an M, are generally considered a loyal and dedicated types of people, who tended to be social and also service the more social groups or have to learn to be loyal and dedicated if you. Not everyone has this marking, it’s even kind of rare. M’s are generally blessed with both good fortune and are lucky in their adventures in life and can see through lies and deceit if they learn to see their own.

Ms are good at business, legal affairs and leadership and tend to work well with others and this is the dual energy as it puts them into positions in life to be able to find that love we spoke of above. M’s need to share their blessings with others and respect others as part of their good fortune. Also the political field, sports, business, and a general love of life is also important. So if they suffer depression its because they are not letting life offer them more (unless its karmic depression which can rule out action and will).

I am including Mercury here because Mercury is the ruler of the hands, an air sign (mental body) and a messenger of the psychopomp, not the psychopomp itself. That teaching has been confused by the metaphysical and mind o’ cult groups of people. Yes in Greek Mythology, Mercury does displayed Wings (his soul) but in the waking world, not the night unseen worlds. In order to express (mental body) how he assists the Sun on its sidereal course (waking daily journey), Mercury was called Wolf of the Sun: Solaris Luminis Particeps. The Palm symbol then, relates to Mind-Body rather than soul, to intellectualism, journalism, law suits, sciences, trips, logic medicine, journalism, writing, intellectualism all matters related with the Mind.

The Psychic Triangle

The psychic triangleThe psychic triangle is located under the ring finger. You will need to look at the palm carefully, this may be, under the light of the sun, or using a strong magnifying glass, this will enable the possibility of finding highly detailed symbols – To locate a little triangle then this means there are various souls that you will encounter.

You will have to work hard metaphysically to achieve success. It may help in participating dedicating to a discipline such as zen meditation and make a commitment,  even attending a healer or healing center to help with some issues that need addressing this lifetime.

So if you do have the M or the Triangle on one or both hands, do appreciate the gifts. And for those who don’t have any of these, the wisdom from Native American Wistimene (Johnny Moses) says: “You’re the Best and You’re no better than anybody Else.”

Sources: Book of Fate and Fortune: Palmistry by Cheiro; Hand image of the M from littlethings.com; Psychic triangle information from auntyflo.com; – Samael Aun Weor, The Revolution of Beelzebu, The Mystery of the Golden Blossomb





Dreams of an Oneiromancer

Yel Ana  or Cel Ene is the Turkic and Altai Wind Goddess, in Hungarian folklore her name is Szélanya and she is referred to as the queen of wind

Historical Emotion, Goddess Asteria paints Delphi Black because the Night sees Everything by Phoenix of Elder Mountain… My gift is an Oracle of the Night called a Oneiromancer and a Seer by day which I filter into readings for others. Seership is a lesser form of the oneiromancer (a more veiled form). Studying the goddess and specific goddesses that had come onto my personal path over the years, was a love of dedication and a karmic debt entwined together. Learning about them in various ways has been very rewarding and after spending a decade through the arts of astrological archetypes, asteroid work, mythology, folklore, archeology and cultural archeology, I found no other joys as thirst quenching. This led me to another decade of  facilitating goddess circles for maidens, mothers and wise women to work and discover some ancient aspects of lunar practices. After this period I was led to the healing path, the sacred well springs for two decades of the Night Goddesses, both its the mystical integration, sacred rituals, healing and walking deeper spiritually within to extract from the memories of my ancient soul. I share my work about the goddess from knowledge, experience and oneiromancy experiences as a dreamer.

When written languages were created, the first book was about the Egyptian King Neferirkare Kakai around 2400 bce and from here forth, a slow eradication of the oral speaking traditions of earth began and eventually the complete veiling of the soul’s mysticism, over twenty four centuries and eventually the goddess (woman and the female sides of men) fell asleep. When the souls mysticism resurfaced again twelve centuries later, it was under the written control of Christian, Jewish and Muslim men and it was bastardized and corrupted beyond repair. This is what we have left in magic, mysticism, divination, the occult, paganism, druidism, mediumship and channeling, and anything under the intuitive and oracular arts and most survive pretty well on that ten percent left.

μαντείο των Δελφών ζωγραφική.jpg

The return fully to the goddess, her ways through nature, animals, birds, animism, shamanism (non-plant) and holistic healing, and karma work all weaved together, transforms our personal veils (unconscious) enough to slowly begin to see and I am living proof of that. This is a long, arduous and dangerous journey once you leave mind-body spirituality and is certainly not approved by the kingdom today which is at its all time greatest heights of the patriarch that began 2400 bce. I have to make a little laughter sound after I say this, because that is the response I have gotten over the the last 30 years from others who have no idea what all our 8 soul’s do and its depth, or what it truly means beyond mind-body and integrated with a purified mind-body.

I work hard in my work, not to pick on people, races or genders, I clarify what the veils are and what keeps one from seeing (or staying in a perpetual asleep) and waking up just an inch beyond just what their mind thinks reality is. All of us and the societies of earth have been painstakingly built with immeasurable amounts of information of the importance of power ad control of the myths. This is ingrained so deeply that our inability to see the “invisibles” of the forces of power of our emotional past and even our emotional ancient past that are veiled, has ended up today, becoming non-existent and we have swallowed the substitutes of corruptions as real history. If its not a laugh then its: oh your so negative. Well its not negativity that drives this force within me, its being a dreamer, seer and  shaman in one.

The power of formal and socially approved emotion is very debilitating but also very dangerous. You see what is happening in the world, and to get off that wheel of karma and enter the freedom of the soul we start with our self, our own self mastery, our own self love without reward (there are no reward for soul work). We have been so well groomed since ancient times to divert this energy into self destruction rather than to accept and swim into the great storms from within – to become free from outside influences.

Mind, Body and Soul

The Buddhists have tried their best to open the doors to heal the mind for those who have taken advantage of that practice (the age of the mental body and its astral body karma) and the Hindus have done the same with Yoga (the age of the physical body) those who have embraced these mastery paths have benefited in any spiritual path. Now we are re-entering in the great circle, the Age of the Emotional Body (both its Souls and its Karma of its astral souls). I call this the “Invisibles” and it controls everything behind the veil of self and the veils of earth and we are either a slave to it or we fight like hell to become free from it. That is Matrix 101. I think the term escapism (because of fear) is a much better term, where the leaks of these “invisibles are seen” by the few. In the mundane world everyone’s unconscious can see our weaknesses, but us. That is what hope was created for, to hang on. But hope is a long rope that hangs down and goes nowhere until you let it go. Not letting go, only attracts the shadows of living people to you, ad keeps our soul in slave status even though you may have a job, a house, a partner, or drive a nice car. All the desirable to keep the tricky invisibles out of your personal world.

Διαφάνεια1Yet our dreams every night and our emotional memories of pain (worry, anxiety, neurosis etc) surface when we least expect them but also they defy historical reality unless it fits into a fairytale, fantasy, sci-fi or the dark side of the dark, and then its ok because those things do not have a threatening power like the truth without a mask.

We have all made agreements and we all live in a modern world which left the old and started the new around 2500 years ago. Stories so powerful and woven so tightly, so intricately into every single little tiny thread of our life that the mere veil and fabric of society is an immovable structure – but we all know with one string pulled – it would collapse. In reality, we are the only one who collapse and we then heal our self from our great fall as a weaver in our own journey and re-create our own path to challenge the old structures.

The goddess Brizo Zuccaro Federico born 1536 - died 1609;
The Goddess Brizo, Italian drawing by Frederico Zuccaro 1536-1609

 I understand the ancient past through the doorways in the fullness of experiencing visions, dreams, mysticism, out of bodies, remote viewing, time travel (dream walking) and magical experiences in both my waking & night dreaming that were consistent the last twenty five years, rather than the occasional mystical experiences I had in my maiden life under 30. My bridge to Delphi and any of the Holy places of woman, so to speak, was slowly and finally built piece by piece as mystical wind storms thrusted upon my life, barely at first walking through, then eventually crawling until I fell into the great swirling abyss. This lifetime forced me to be outside that invisible box, then the box was destroyed. It hurt like hell and then burned like hell and lastly it was the real hell itself is always the price for the mysteries lost and repaying karma of the past lives to re-experience it as a dream walker and oneiromancy.


The Dreamers of Delpi – The Goddess Bizio, the
Titan Goddess Asteria  and the Green Earth Dragon

Presently I am working with the Goddess Asteria (Ακραία Θεά) and Bizio in the beginning rituals and dreaming ritual processes. Asteria’s name literally means the stars, making her a Night Goddess and a Dreamers Goddess – automatically falling into the classification of collective (or the third level of the trinity of the goddess) and its counterpart, the 3rd phase of a woman’s life – the grandmother.

I studied knowledge only “after” each and every mystical experience over three decades on my path, same too with the animism and shamanism. I did not want knowledge to be the gate towards something to open up, but the understandings after the experiences. That is because I am a woman who had children in my 20s, and a woman doesn’t study how to have a baby, she experiences it in all, both its wonderful and painful forms. The last two years I have dream walked into ancient Crete, Delos and Delphi of the pre-Greek Minoan Cultures of the Dorians, Ionians and some pre-Italian Etruscans. If an image speaks a thousand words, a dream speaks ten million.

Approaching the Delphi Oracle Temple, the great Temple of Mother Earth of this region, is very powerful energy because it had no god or goddess for a long time in prehistory. That makes it one of the oldest and most powerful temples of woman one where Brizo and Asteria evolved later when the Greeks took over Minoan, Ionian and Dorian tribes, and much later when Apollo’s rulership as God too over.

The Goddess Brizo (Bpig’oi) is an obscure earlier Delian Goddess who was worshiped on the Isle of Delos as an oracle, oneiromancer and deliverer of prophetic dreams, making her a deity older than Morpheus or her attributes were given to him. The women of Delos made offerings and prayers in her vessel addressing to her that she might grant them a dream. A prophetic goddess her name is connected with brizein, which means to fall asleep. I think anyone with issues of sleep-apnia should build a small altar to her asking her to give them a dream wishing them why they cannot sleep at deeper levels.

All dreaming cultures were origin to mother earth because mother earth dreams, and because dreaming is the foundation of all religions and spirituality. Prehistory and some ancient dreamers were fully present without karma and attributed dreams to the Moon who is the guardian of the Night. Involving the night and nocturnal incantations was a way of life, band then later influenced early cultures around 3000 be. In our dreaming, ancient goddesses like Asteria or Brizo were created as deities upon the development of the oracle temples. So too were animals, hawks and vulture esteemed souls of humans, who encompassed a material form of that human (animism) who would upon re-entry of one’s higher souls, the dissolution of the bird or animal would then modify (shape shifting).

Its only a possession if its not your animal or bird soul and that is the basis of ancient sorcery and monsters of the ancients after the 3rd century bce. Those who have no karma, could appeared to a person while they were sleeping and visit them, revealing a prophetic dream. Everything else in dreaming is shadows in your dream space, projection of a mental body reality (which isn’t real but personal information to the self) or sorcery of the tricksters who are puff and smoke appearing as an animal or bird, when they are not.


The Dreamers of Delphi – An Oracle Temple

Delphoi comes from the root δελφύς – delphys meaning “womb” a place where the Mother Earth’s Spirit lives in the form of the animist Python, in some traditions call this an Ouroboros or Uroborus. The Python is actually an Earth Dragon and for the transformation, in a divine way this begins as serpent and can evolve into its divine celestial which is a dragon, just like the thunderbird who achieves its divine celestial element of fire which is a firebird. This is why Delphi is said to be the naval, the umbilical chord of the earth. It has this power and it was misused and now a c-section from the war and kingdoms destruction of woman’s healthy womb and vagina. The natural magic of a very a sacred area that has existed in ritual from the cave grandmother’s time, long before the 14th century bce.

 In ancient Greece there were various kinds of divination used as the augur for healing and keeping the circle of woman and her mysteries strong from outside influences and the connection of the emotional soul body between women and mother earth. This was unbreakable 100,000 years going back to periods when we lived in caves. The seer and the oracle are the most powerful with or without vapors. Vapors really have nothing to do with it, but I imagine some archeologist or explore had to make something up. The first kind is the “artistic divination” which included using natural objects in divinity ways, such as beads and berries, talisman and amulets made from nature that were degradable for they carried too much magic to be saved, they were only and still are only a part of living ceremonies. Later came the astrologers and more psychic aspects of divination.

The second which is shamanic, is the “divine divination” which is divided two ways, one were the “Prophetesses” which I call the Oracles or Oracular Wisdom and the other, is the Shaman’s or head Pythia’s direct connection with the Python Dragon of the Goddess (Mother Earth). You don’t hear that in Greece nor that the Oracle would have been a mature woman, that too is hard to believe today because almost all art of anything spiritual in a Patriarchal culture shows the maiden, but the maiden generally wasn’t allowed until she matured into a woman. She may have been chosen to be a priestess but had to serve one of skill and experience, at the end of her motherhood entering Grandmother. When men (Apollo) took over the temples of the women around the world he replaced the mature experienced and skilled women with young maidens, the apprentice priestesses and this way the temples could be easier to control and since they generated their own profits, that had to be watched closely also.

www epsilonellas gr temple of delphi

Plutarch in Moralia says Pythia initially only did prophecy once a year, on the Winter Solstice. When Apollo done in mid February through early March to celebrate his birthday.  From 500 bce onward and then the oracles because they attracted attention from local places, it was then once a month, nor on the three winter months when Apollo traveled to Hyperboreans and authority the sanctuary assumed by his brother Dionysus who then brought drugs and alcohol into the sacred pure grounds and black sex magic. Animal sacrifice (which was also eaten) in celebration also began under Apollo Dionysus but never under the previous grandmothers, that would have been against natures law, only men’s laws created such horror a many temples around the world. The more they destroyed by conquest through war, the more they had to appease the goddess until they finally got ride of the goddess or appeasing any grandmother leaders at all.

delphic stone
The stone statue Naval of the Womb, at the Temple of Delphi

The Oracle had used many herbs that were local around that area of Greece and also things from the sea in their rituals, including the more famous laurel leaves. The drinking of the sacred cave water was the actually the magic from the Kastilian Springs. It was historians who came up with “vapors” which made the oracles go into trance, because they had find s something other than ancient women having such great powers and not a monster. The head oracle Pythia would drink the sacred water in a ritual and prepare for her prophecy once a year and this ceremony would go on for week and the women would fast to create vision like all vision quest do. Community was not allowed during the ritual and sacred rites processes of women and thus the mysteries with mother earth were re-established for another year during the three winter months. The Apollo cult shut that down and never let any rituals in the three winter moons again.

As shamanic women of pre-Greek culture, already had their rituals long established in the previous millenniums, when war became war-scourge of ancient Greece, Macedonia, Rome and the surrounding countries, the work became more about depossessions and exorcisms which became more and more as more and more soldiers murdered more and more civilians, soldiers and uprisings. It must have been extremely taxing on the women of the Delphi, like it is on women today of war torn Isil and Isis take overs which is really exactly what happen 2500 years ago. The Delphi women were losing basic rights as women under Greek’s men’s laws against their own women, and not having the freedom of privacy of their sacred temple anymore between the 5th through the 1st centuries bce.

Delphi_tripodAsteria and her consort Perses had only one child,  the great Hecate, a Goddess of magic, witchcraft, the night and the moon in her own right. As an older pre-Hecate Goddess, her mother Asteria carries all the traditions of the Dreamer, and the Oneiromancy (which is a prophetess who receives prophecy through her dreams). A Night Goddess which are the Grandmothers or the Elders. Asteria rules Oneiromancy (oh-nahy-ruh-man-see) which means Divination (prophecy) through Dreams. The Greek word “oneiros” means dream + mancy and she is one who understands the wholeness of both dream walking in the waking life and the night dreaming life as one, experiences out of bodies into the dream fields (gates and veil walking) consciously and this all results into dream interpretation from this level (oneiromancer). Seership is a lessor form of oneiromancy and this means its not a mental body divination like channeling or mediumship, its strictly the Souls jurisdiction and gifts.

There is not much about Brizo or Asteria in the general public but with the few paragraphs out there, I see that necromancer is added. This is not true because these two goddesses are 3000 years old by name and 10,000 years old by profession. People must assume that because Asteria is the mother of Hecate, that she takes on Hecate’s qualities, that is not true. Necromancer is a word from the 13th century (middle ages). It states in the 13th century that nygromauncy means “divination by communication with the dead,” from Old French nigromancie “magic, necromancy, witchcraft, sorcery,” from Medieval Latin nigromantia, from Latin necromantia “divination from an exhumed corpse,” from Greek nekromanteia, from Greek nekros.

For those of us who have been on the other side every months or so for decades, the only dead that are here on our plane are not loved ones who have moved on,  but fragmented aspects and fragmented souls of the “living” – so no, Asteria has nothing to do with necromancy as a dreamer, prophetic seer and an oracle.

Rare Delphic Amphictyonic League Coin
Rare Delphic Amphictyonic Coin

In a later story, Leto who is Asteria’s sister, is the mother of Apollo and Artemis who took over the Temples of Delphi. Both sisters had to deal with the sexual appetite of the sex addict Zeus and so to free herself from the misuse of sexual energy (dark sex magic of the times) Asteria fled into the sea and finally transformed into the island Ortygia (Quail), better known as Delos. Just as the story went with Lilith who also had to flee her home, driven out by those who wanted to destroy the old dark goddesses magic.

Like the Great Python Earth Dragon of Delphi, the Sea Dragon of Scylla or Echidna, these of course were not monsters, they are the spirit of the earth herself as every witch and druid learns and then must know. Celestials like Echidna the Sacred Draegon, remains holy and sacred regardless of myths that say otherwise. For legendary children of Scylla still remain strong, the Hydra, Chimera, Sphinx, Lion of Nemea, Cerberus, Ladon and the Gorgons.

The Downfall of Delphi under the God Apollo

Herbert William Parke, The Delphic Oracle, v.1, p.3: “The foundation of Delphi and its oracle took place long before the times of recorded history. It would be foolish to look for a clear statement of origin from any ancient authority, but one might hope for a plain account of the primitive traditions. Aeschylus for his own purposes had been at pains to contradict himself, for Apollo came to Delphi as an invader and appropriated for himself a previously existing oracle of Earth. His slaying of the serpent dragon is the act of conquest which secured his possessions; Delphi was displaced by the introduction of Apollo – a northern intruder and his arrival must have occurred in the dark interval between Mycenaean and Hellenic times. His conflict for the possession of the cult site was represented under the legend of his slaying the serpent (earth dragon).”

crown“The Orange Trees of Sparta”


 The orange trees of Sparta
snow, flowers of love,
sprang into whiteness
at your words, bending
down their branches.
I hugged them to
my small breast
and went to my mother.
 She was sitting under the
moon, worrying about me,
she was sitting under the
moon and she scolded me:
“Yesterday I washed you,
yesterday I changed you,
where did you run off to –
who filled your clothes
with tears and bitter

orange blossoms?”

 Homeric Hymn to Pythian Apollo said: “from there forth, said Apollo is to have built the first temple at Delphi, after having killed the Python (earth dragon) as God wanted to cleanse the area from the presence of the Dragon (woman leadership). Under Apollo after this period, the first priests of the temple were Cretans and established, whom he saved himself the god in the form of a dolphin and replaced the Dragon with the Dolphin, dragging them on his back to that area.

Timeline of sacred original people of Delphi

3000 bce – 1000 bce – Sacred Women, Sacred Delphi, Mysteries of the Mycenaean Culture. The Bronze Age is often referred to as The Mycenaean Age. The Mycenaean civilization was a nomadic and tribal people in southern and central Greece developing from a small nomadic group that would grow to prominence and become one of the most dominant civilizations of the in Aegean for two thousand years. It is believed that the Mycenaean civilization owes much of it’s growth to the Minoans from the island of Crete. It is believed that community and relations between Crete and Mycenaea began around 2000 bce and would transform an small collection of tribes into a flourishing Bronze Age civilization.

Along with goods for trade, the Minoans seemingly transported their entire societal structure to the fledgling Mycenaean people. The Mycenaeans accepted gladly and adopted much of Minoan culture as well and most likely women leadership was equal as in all tribal cultures around the world before 1500 bce. It was in this way that the Mycenaeans took the dramatic steps from clustered tribes to society. The similarities between the Minoans and the Mycenaeans were so striking similar.

1000 bce – 500 bce – The Rising powers of the cities of Athens and Sparta began to dominate the mainland, islands and coastal regions and Greek was finally established as a country region by region through war and dominance. Delpi rose with it and started to become a famous cultural attribute in the ways of esoteric, shamanic and dreaming temples of women.

 Timeline of Apollo’s Destruction of Delphi through Politics & War

5th Century bce – Around 500 bce the Apollo Cult took over Delphi and Apollo immediately killed the sacred Python upon his arrival, which was the metaphor for killing woman’s roles of leadership in healing rites, mystical and magical rites through community. Soon after the Dionysus cults came in with alcohol, drugs and black sex magic. to lure the maidens away from the mothers and grandmothers and it work, thus the great prehistory circle was finally broken.

4th Century bce – Delphi was attacked and taken over by the Phocians, but after the Dorians had obtained possession of the Temple, they disowned their connection with the Phocians and in historical times a violent antipathy existed then between the Phocians and the Delphians from then on. The early history of Phocis remains quite obscure but information around 480 bce, when the Persians invaded Greece showed they had military backing. Politics in Delphi in 448 bce was again frustrated by Sparta, but not long afterwards the Phocians recaptured the Oracle at Delphi Sanctuary with the help of the Athenians, with whom they had entered into alliance in 454 bce. The subsequent decline of Athenian land power had the effect of weakening this new connection; at the time of the Peloponnese War Phocis was nominally an ally and dependent of Sparta, and had lost control of Delphi. Phocis was constantly endangered and  placed on the defensive. They received assistance from Sparta in 380 BC, but were afterwards compelled to submit to the growing power of Thebes.

Apollo taking over the seat of the Oracle
Apollo takes over the Pythia’s Throne.

3rd Century bce – In 356 bce the Phocians allied with the Athenians and the Spartans and captured the sanctuary of Delphi, and in desperate need to finance their wars had stripped the temples from all the precious offerings. They held control of the grounds only for a short time until king Philip of Macedon liberated the sanctuary. In 339 bce Philip interfered once again against the Amphictyonic alliance when the Krissans trespassed on the sacred grounds. Philip punished the Krissans and consequently defeated the combined armies of both the Athenians and the Spartans, thus becoming the dominant force in Greek affairs. Then the sanctuary of Delphi fell into Roman hands in 191 bce and was stripped of all its treasures again by General Sylla.

1st Century bce – In 83 bce, the Thracian Maedi in order to finance Athen’s wars began again to raid Delphi, they were the ones who finally burned the temple down, plundered and profaned the sanctuary and extinguished the sacred fire “unquenchable fire” from the accumulated centuries. During the raid, parts of the temple collapse and finally Mother Earth struck it down in its perversion and the Temple was damaged badly by an earthquake. Thus the great Oracle fell and the surrounding area became impoverished.

5 Centuries –
The Greeks establishing hundreds of colonies in war and much of this success was attributed to the Oracles whose role at Delphi as a political oracle center once the men’s Apollo Cult took control and this was essential but would be the demise of Delphi itself as as a sacred woman’s Temple, it became a cultural figurehead of the once great mystery but no longer a temple of dreamers.

In the Greek tragedy Eumenides Aeschylus states – The first prophetess at Delphi was the Earth goddess and her successor was a daughter of Uranus, whose name was Themis. Then came the Titan Phoebe, also a daughter of the Earth and then lastly came Apollo, who obviously renamed Phoebe into Phoebus. In the legend of Aeschylus, Apollo seems to have come from Delos. Mother Earth became angry because of the expelled violence for four centuries, so the oracle daughter began sending prophetic dreams to people concerning the ability to weaken the power of the god Apollo and Dionysus, but men would not have it.

Delphi Oracles

As a symbolist and artist, life is even more precious with a trained eye when I see ancient art. The most powerful gift is both my purified perception that effects me in a positive way, and the processes of memories and remembrances which have no separations anymore. As a Gatekeeper all gates have been dissolved, as a Sorceress who has never needed to use Sorcery, as a Magician who has never needed Magic and a Seer who never profited or swayed in my uncompromising dedication to the goddess and mother earth.

I did it all for karma, for the goddess, for the mystery and to purge ancient karma of my shameful shameful soldier of antiquity who lived from 2 -42 ce and was murdered by his 3 best friends for turning against the building of the kingdom and its horrors and shame and what it did to women. All the way through my journey, it became a personal passion to serve the goddess, first the karmic aspects, then the healing of a broken heart entwined with my whole personal life this lifetime until Iwas finally broken, swept away and given to the great ocean mother. Just like Aseria and Brizo,  forced to leave her home and spiritual home to be a floating island of Delos instead of living in Delphi and Delos as her own sister’s son Apollo took over all the rites, and she and Brizo were forced into obscurity and and invisible in Greek’s new weapons:  literature and historical accounts.

The children of the great goddess (mother earth) today have the dormant and untapped gifts of the ancient magical earth which is literally 10 inches away from where we stand every moment, so too the shadow worlds of the underworld.  Deep within our lost soul, for me it was great satisfying work, struggle and pain, it was all worth my attainment and freedom of my soul, not that I had any choice, I didn’t. The secrets remain stronger within you and learning to love the self and those who respect your boundaries and your beliefs brighten and brings power to you.

So what does this mean today for a maiden or mother or even a grandmother who searches for her goddess again and again with such a destructive past, one in which we all have karma, and one that that is so veiled in the everyday world? I only have one answer, the power of Crete was the power of woman, the power of Dephi was the power of the inner soul of a woman and when you seek a goddess, be it man, woman or child, you are seeking and looking for yourself and your own personal ancient past through the re-connection to the stories of your own suffering, your own struggles and your own fears of healing. Your rites and mystery are to be explored and bring life to it, through your existence, not feared.

Seeking a relationship to the great mother (earth) begins with the sacred waters (healing) of you, the deep cave waters still flowing in where Asteria still lives in the night. When we are called to work with the goddess, we are not only seeking our own personal soul, but the fabric of our own story, the right relationship with other women that is supportive – just as it had once been in Delphi. When I realized this in my late thirties, I started a goddess circle right away with other women of all ages. I would encourage you to do the same or to find your connections in a local red tent group.


Last gem… for those who like Gem Stones:

asteria woamnAsteria Gemstone (Star Sapphire)
The ancient Greeks favored Asteria gemstones and legend as it that Helen of Troy wore them and they were regarded as powerful love charms. The Priestesses wore it for wisdom at Delphi when seeking answers from the Oracle at the Shrine when seeking intuition and clarity.  In the Delphi Complete Works by Pliny the Elder, he states that among the family of white stones is Asteria, a gem which holds its high rank on account of a certain peculiarity in its nature, having a light enclosed within, in the pupil of an eye as it were. This light, which has all the appearances of movement within the stone, transmits according to the angle of inclination. When held facing the sun, it emits white rays like those of a star, and to this, in fact it got its name from the Goddess Asteria

Sources and Images: Section of Mycenaean history directly from classicalwisdom.com; Art of the Priestess of Delphi, John Collier, 1891, Wiki; http://www.hellas-spot.gr, mythagogia.blogspot.gr, Gemhunter by George Frangoulis;  Herbert William Parke, The Delphic Oracle, v.1, p.3.; Combination Dragon/Delphi painting: Call to the Ancient by Lilian Art (dragon) and photo of Delphi (with dragon) from epsilonellas.gr; Delphi Temple by Aggeliki Kokkove Photography; Viator, Or, a peep into my note book by David Hoffman, Daphnephoros, http://www.greek-language.gr, Athen. viii. p. 335; Eustath. ad Hom. p. 1720; Circe Invidiosa (Jealous Circle), John William Waterhouse, 1892 Priestess of Delphi, John Collier, 1891.








How to Find a Good Energy Healer

Having been an Energy Healer since 1998, I have a lot of experience being both a healer and having had many different energy healers work on me. I want to share the different types of energy healing modalities, questions to ask an energy practitioner, crystals and energy work, newbie energy healers and energy healing I don’t recommend.



If your new and wishing to find a healer or wanted to try, here are the basics I recommend: New energy healers need a lot of practice, and do not need a lot of clients – those who are 5 years or less in energy healing should be doing it for free, to get more practice to understand how these subtle energies work. After the 5th – 7th year (depending on the quality of the commitment, how much they have practiced), then energy healers can begn to take clients and charge money for their time.

A State will certify physical holistic healing practices such as massage therapy, physical therapy and acupuncturist etc. or like yoga which is regulated by temples or established institutes and need so many hours to be a yoga teacher, to be accountable in their work with the general public and the general public expects them to follow the guidelines and state certifications. Energy healers do not have any such rule and established institutes except for their teacher and this varied. I have only attuned my own apprentices because they work with me from 4-6 years, so I can monitor how their energy is shifting answer the questions they have in their healing work. But most energy healers are teachers and just attune but don’t have much clinical time, so its wise to ask how long they have worked as healers, what certifications and referrals from their clients.

Seasoned energy healers know that newbie energy healers in energy work (less than 5 years) have no real “energy power” to shift difficult energetic issues or blocks. They may be kind and compassionate healers and great people with drive and a moral compass, but only time will builds one’s own subtle energy powers as an energy healer. Energy power within is required in healing to the release energetic toxins and create movements of chakra energy and this takes much practice and it also requires the person to change their own life and their own issues be worked on for real power to build. Age makes a difference as well, so if someone is in their 20s and gets attuned or certified, by 30 years old they have ten years experience. But over 30, the adult mind, body and emotional body (30-60) is much more powerful than youth (0-30) and the adult energy system is much different. Energy healers over 60 add the wisdom to the experienced energy path.

So be very discerning about the levels of experience of where your healer is at, to get the best care, just as you would with a doctor who is going to fix a broken arm. Also the emotional shape or drama of a healer, can also effect their power as energy healers so watch for the signs to see if their lifestyle matches their advertising as an energy healer.



Pranic Healing, by Master Choa Kok Sui® (Mental Body)
Polarity Energy Therapy® (pranic based)
Quantum Touch® Energy Healing
ThetaHealing™ by Donald Simon
Huna Energy Healing
Shuddhikaran Kriya Energy Healing – by Shamsing Rajput
Faradarmany Energy Healing – Irianian
iJin Shin Jyusu and Jin Shin (has also been renamed by other practitioners along the way as Gaia Now, Re-connective Healing, Geo-Pathic Stress Healing, Sacred Healing Light, Jin Shin Autotouch, Forensic Healing and Life Alignment Technique Healing).
EFT, Energy Freedom Technique® (ie Emotional Freedom Techniques).
EFT is actually a Mental Body energy healing process, the name confused
the process from the result. It makes the emotional body feel better
because the mental body is brought down from states of stress.


Cranio-Sacral® Energy Work (usually done with massage)
Healing Touch (Nurses do this work)Bio-energetic work (Domancic Method)
Myofacial Release
Chakra Healing (a simple version of Cranio)
Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine® (another name for Chakra healing)
Healing Touch® (Nurse’s Energy Therapies).
Restorative Touch™
Bioquantum Energy Healing (also know as Quantum energy healing)
Total Wellness System (NES Health) bio-field by scientists not healers
CinergE (energy work for animals)
Brennan Healing Science® Energy Healing. Brennan has some effects on the mental and emotional body, but its a physical body healing energy. I chose never to do this work and found out 20 years later Brennan was a physicist for Nasa, then I knew why. But many people say the work helps them.


Reiki Energy Healing
Kamm Energy Healing (a Reiki process)
Watsu (emotion) Water Effective Energy Healing
The Emotion Code Energy Healing



Chakras are the energy body and in reality its like ghostly cloud and a clear energy body that is mixed together, rather than separate balls of energy that spin like this image above. Blocks occur and leave a hole in the full astral body and that is why it tears, rips and eats the fabric of an organ. Example: An alcoholic is known to destroy their kidneys but long before that in their 20s and 30s the protector energy body of the kidneys has been slowly eradicated to a very thin energy and then eventually the energy collapses and turns dark gray and it leaves the kidneys unprotected. (energy cameras don’t pick that up). Each organ benefits greatly from a strong energy body and it adds 33% more power to healing ourselve. The other 33% is the physical body (organic healthy living ) and 33% is emotional health (emotional honesty, feeling connected and emotional support).


The different chakra area resignates with the organs in their specific areas in the body and thus the energy body and the organs are connected. The Mental Astral Body & the Emotional Astral Bodies are two separate energy astral bodies: The mental astral are clear energy chakras and the emotional astral body is a cloud like a ghostly body from pure white to dark black gray (depending upon the karma and the physical health and flow of the person.

In image above is how things are taught, that the top chakra connects you to the all, the universe and the bottom chakra connects you to the earth. I have found this not to be true as a shaman, astral traveler, remote viewer, energy healer and having been sick most of my life and healed without doctors and only holistic work. I had to know 360 degrees of the energy bodies from every level, be very discerning so I wouldn’t die, and then eventually teach my apprentices, so the stakes were very high for me to understand the multiple realities of both mental astral body and emotional astral body (chakras).

Reiki Energy Healing

The wholeness perspective:

1. The top 4 Chakras (masculine) is the “self connected to the outside world” around them, and the actual mental body astral energy system (chakras) also reads our immediate environments near or around our body. The mental body chakras effect hearing, listening, clair audio, telepathy etc.

2. The lower 3 Chakras (feminine) is the “self, connected to our inner world” as the emotional astral body energy system regulates our internal reality. The lower 3 chakras heal the internal physical organs and also rule over our intuitive sensory systems that can travel outside the physical, like in dreams, intuitive or visions etc. It can also travel across the veils in dreaming.

The chakra (energy system) is housed in the physical body and our upper four chakras of the mental astral body and the lower 3 of the emotional astral body operate completely different, completely separate in it’s gifts and sickness occurs when the two are needed to fuels healing but don’t because of karma and issues surrounding the present life’s abuses, wounds, or self sabotage.

In the old ways of Alchemy (not magic but healing), the “Alchemic Marriage” was a term of when the astral mental body and the emotional astral body were completely integrated and unified through purity and healing processes and would slowly begin to merge in purity as karmic pains were released. This is a very slow process.


If a practitioner uses crystals with energy healing work just know that it’s fine for the mental body & physical body – but not the emotional body. Do not use or receive crystal healing if you are a “sensitive empath, a seer, a dreamer or an overly emotional” type of person. Crystals fragment the “emotional astral body” and also effects in a negative way our emotional body’s dreaming fluidity. Just because a practitioner likes crystals and its good for them, doesn’t mean its good for you.


1. Always chose 2 or 3 different energy healers and try them 1 month apart. So you get a good match, because chemistry is chemistry and values are values. If a healer has very different values than you, then their advice and even sometimes their energy, might not be appropriate or a good match. So try a few different healers and then settle on one.

2. Only receive energy healing once a month even if the healer suggests more. This is very important, because with energy work there is always an emotional release, and you need release process time for the small amount of flow that is to be gained. Unseasoned healers or healers who don’t go to more advanced healers will suggest more sessions than once a month – but more is definitely not better in energy work. Application & releases are better once a month or even once every 3 months. If you do an energy session and have lots of emotional releases, then back off a bit and do it every 3 months until you feel stable again, and then go once a month. If your not getting any emotional releases, then the healer is too green and you need a more experienced healer.

3. Touch issues – many people have had sexual and or physical abuse issues, some people have had retreated type of life, where fear mixed with touch can cause sensitivities, and others might have a slight autistic spectrum, there are many different types of touch issues. Its a good idea to speak about any touch issues you have before your first session with an energy healer. A good healer should always ask first, if they don’t, be honest and share.

4. You should NEVER feel pain in an energy session but if you do, tell the practitioner while its actually happening in the session. Sometimes things like a big block of energy that has been stagnant and begins to move during a session and you want your healer to know if any discomfort arises. Seasoned healers of energy work will tell you this the first session.

5. There are two types of energy healers: 1. Those who put energy in and 2. those who hold the space until your pain or emotional pain in an energetic form releases.  I always suggest #2 because those who put (love and light energy in) also put their own shadow and toxic energy into you. This is a mandatory question to ask the healer to explain their work before you start or send them an email with your questions before you start.

6. Do they work with other healers? Some do and some don’t, just depends on what stage that they are in their life. Newer healers may not continue going to healers once their learning is completed, but healers who continue trades and work with others are much more powerful healers. So do ask, its good to know their experience.

7. Many “healers” party (drink or smoke pot) and some even have major addictions. If its occasion that is fine – unless they are an energy healer, because the energy of alcohol and pot or drugs stays in the energy body a long time and is directly transferred into client/patients energy body. I have seen many, many healers in denial about their usage of pot and alcohol when it comes to their healing work. The more sober a healer is, the better results of the clients releases. With massage or other modalities that are very physical, a healers occasional non sobriety its not that big of a deal, but for the energy healers, any substances even in small amounts, effect the subtle body of a client and this energy is transferred through energy work into the clients body, and its a big deal.

8. Ask what other healing or esoteric practices they do, because you might be able to do a few things with the healer and that is a positive because many energy healers also do other modalities. Try to stay away (at first) from Chiropractors who do energy work if your seeking an energy healer. After a few years with a good energy healer, you should not need any Chiropractic work at all. Chiropractic work does “not heal permanently” it keeps adjusting the body to adjust the pain, but when powerful energy chakra work is done for at least 3 years, it starts to releasing toxic energy that has been building up and effecting the stress of the body and bones. The exception of course is a crisis, like a car accident where the body is really badly damaged and the bones need to be readjusted to lower medications for the pain and hurt, then an Energy / Chiropractor is recommended.

energy healing 12


Pot (marijuana) as Medicine – It blocks the Emotional Energy Body System and the Soul Dreamer Body especially the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras of the emotional body. For the physical body its equal to smoking cigarettes and for the mental energy body it doesn’t that much but the mind it effects in accumulation after a decade of smoking.

Violet Flame Healing, Deigadda Energy Work, Neuro-energy Transmission Therapy and Angelic Healing. These are new age and although a good placebo, energetically they are not that good, they fall into the new age metaphysical work.

Drug (Plant) Shamanism. This is a “quick visioning substance” and we don’t need it, we have everything within to develop this without plants. Its not a healing plant and dark shadow issues arise and are happening all over the world, very bad for the emotional body and the soul bodies. Those who are pro drug users, will of course and do defend it.





Auspicious Clouds: 3rd Full Moon of Summer

Happy Full Moon Dreamers, Artists, Healers, Magicians, Moon Children, Witches, Druids, Fairy Clans! The Full Moon & Eclipse, 25 degrees Aquarius, begins Thursday, August 18, 2016 and lasts for the remaining two week duration of the Leo Moon cycle. It is a time of ‘letting go’ (sacrifice something) of our shadow nature in order to become free one more moon cycle before Autumn begins. Set your one “letting go” intention based on what your New Moon intention was two weeks ago.

Eclipsing Heaven and Earth! We are entering 3 eclipses in a row, starting with this Full Moon, a (partial) Lunar eclipse; then in two weeks on the next New Moon of Virgo on Sept.1, 2016 is the Solar eclipse, and the third and final will be the Pisces Full Moon Lunar eclipse, Sept. 16, 2016. Every late July, early August and late January, early February we get our Eclipse Baths which prepare us for the Autumn Equinox and Spring Equinox. This offers us a month of “internal” adjustment to prepare for both Equinox shifts.


The Howling and the Healing of the Moon: Approaching our personal healing journey in our life is a constant process of “detoxing” that which harms our soul, our mind, our body and our emotional sensitivities. Sometimes this comes from the self and sometimes from life situations, and it is not an easy task to approach and stay committed to this “internal” journey, unless we get a taste of it’s eternal well-spring and then we commit.

Transformations when they appear in our life, is generally a major cycle or an accumulation of issues that have become a great burden. It is required to find both strength and the steps to approach the fears of change, which surround real issues of sickness, abandonment, conflict, disrespect, miscommunications, sabotage, being cheated on etc. These require us to pull the Goddess Pandora out of her box and take a good look at our life. The mind will never wish to do this, it is always our heart that must.

If we do not open her box for many years because changes would have only added more suffering to what has already faltered, then it becomes mandatory by life itself and life blows some heavy storms towards us. People always call out for spirit messengers and totems to help us and then they come, the wind blows and hits us, people are like… what? I always learned to slay my self through my long disciplined journey, so life would not have to – because life can be both dangerous and deadly. I structured dangerous and deadly one moon cycle at a time in my long path.

In ordinary life, struggle helps us rise above our own conflict and when harvest time comes, we begin the painful pruning of the Autumn and Winter Seasons of our Soul. If you truly walk with nature , or are a pagan or druid, or even an environmentalist, then nature gives us her best examples of how to live, because she brings a death to her life in Autumn and Winter, and so should we. At harvesting and winter’s time, we call this healing and calling forth our grief, sorrow, suffering and blindness to acknowledge they are real. The third and final moon of summer prepares us for such times when the 1st new moon of Autumn arrives. This is when the great descent into the underworld is required, in order to help reclaim what sits there in its state of loss, stolen, begged or borrowed. As long as we suffer, our soul is lost in the abyss. As a shaman I have done many soul retrievals over the years for people and one soul retrieval does not do it, just as one vision quest does not make us touch those fears within. Just as one peak at our struggle does not heal it. It is an investment.

“Dissolve” is a process of holding our emotional conflict within (our pain) without any diversion, substitution, denial, pot, alcohol etc. for a short period of time – in order to burn some of our karma. Karma requires us to suffer regardless of what Philosophies were created in the the first century bce, or in the middle ages. Karma is real and it filters into some more than others. Karma is also not forever, it appears in large and small cycles and allows us opportunities to change and these mystical gates are not opened forever.

Because the gates are not opened forever, we must enter the mystical processes of… “Resolve” the process of sharing and communication of our true feelings, within our existing conflict. We share what we feel comfortable and uncomfortable with both those who support us and those who do not.


“Spiritual Practices” allow us a needed grounding when emotional chaos rises, which pushes us forth in life to change. Practices help because we become more conscious of our own issue, or how we sabotage, or enter denial without reason. Without any self monitoring of our mental body, we lose touch with what is happening in the bigger picture of self. “Healing” emotional pain, grief, sorrow or frustration increases consciousness after our emotional releases and detoxes to reclaim what we have lost through suffering.

Both dissolve & resolve helps us seek relief from emotional pain because it allows “changes” to occur  – for we must change in order to flow. Most people want only the flow or focus on flow, but in reality, we must ask ourselves where we must change first before any flowing can occur. Change is the most difficult practice to embrace of all practices because it involves our person issue, our self worth, our feelings of imperfection and the unknown source of our karmic pain. Without the addition of adding humbleness, embracing change only becomes more difficult.
full moon

The Chinese have their Poison Charms (amulets) called the “five poisons” (wudu 五毒) which actually refers to the five poisonous animals. In contrast to what one might expect, the purpose of the five poisons depicted on the ancient amulets are to counteract pernicious influences.  This is because the Chinese believe in combating poison with poison.

There is legendary evidence to support this belief of combating poison with poison.  Shennong (神农), also known as the Yan Emperor (yandi 炎帝) who is consider the father of Chinese Medicine because he discovered and personally tested upon himself hundreds of both medicinal and poisonous herbs.  He was able to test these herbs and poisons to  observe their effects.  He never suffered very long-term effects, however, because the poisons apparently canceled each other out. The same is true with  the emotional medicines of “Opposition.”

Opposition medicines are for the etheric emotional and astral emotional soul bodies and their remembrances and memory systems – which can haunt people and feel as if resolve cannot be a permanent to overcome an issue. In fairy tales and our lives there is always an ending, a completion, a closing of a door. But in karma there is not, there is only a ‘letting go’ – for the resolve is and was timeless in the great circle, we just learn to let go without satisfaction.

In our ordinary mundane life (not karma), we can apply opposition medicines then… For example, if we are too talkative, we seek the opposite of self disciplined practices of silence or silent retreats. Nothing is separated in grandmother spider’s web except for our fear. Doing a little work emotionally each moon cycle to get stronger by stepping into that fire (our own fears) eventually we walk through it and that my friend is the only way we truly heal, is by walking through it. This medicine exists for our poisons.

Ancient Greek Tutt'Art@

Some historical sources refer to the five poisons as consisting of “Snake, Scorpion, Tiger, Toad and Spider.” Each one of these are protective charms (amulets) and we must also ingest our own toxic emotions, mental beliefs, physical actions not of the highest good and soul karma to heal these things within us. Focusing on saving another or saving the world, takes us so far away from our own poisons which when worked with lead to our own personal protection of our soul. She is lost and lonely out in the abyss and rarely does the mind hear their own soul, it focuses on every spirit out there but their own.

Those of us who are wise enough, accept that we can only change the self and that changes first our personal world, then the world around us adding our own light to situations, not by the smiling and happy mask, but working with real issues an problems. This is how true balance is made and earned, not given and it applies to everything in our life as a living practices. We can seek the help of others and should if one is dealing with abuse, crisis, addiction, emotional abuses etc. to help show us the path with one who carries the lighted lantern, those who have done the work before you and resolved in permanent healing, for they assist us in our healing journey with power. It is our soul we are saving, fighting for and working with in a moon/lunar path and our commitment (oath) to it. It is a walk of conflict & resolve, of release and cycles of toxic release from the self, for the self to reclaim what we have lost, given away or was stolen. Everyone on the outside is just our mirror  of our “living story” so the rule is, do not throw “stones at the mirror” for its your own illusions you will see.

A healed emotional body and its astral energy makes us feel great – and it heals our body because we deal with our fears (blocks) and undo them, that is Grandmother Spider medicine as a real practice, not an excuse or a diversion to not touch our powerful sorrow, or grief or anger. These great disciplines to master the self, is always done with the mental body first, without that – the rest cannot fall into its proper dissolve and resolve.

So tell your negative thoughts about yourself to shut the fuck up first. Then listen, not only to yourself, but all your difficult teachers, all your difficult situations and begin to say I can do this, its scary as hell but I can do this.

That is why real “emotional body” work is so slow and so difficult.

Blessings, Phoenix of Elder Mountain

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Art images: Minoan relief of Goddess or Priestess Archaeological museum of Herakleion, Crete; Crystal Bowl Water Charmer (Reader) by Wagner; Wind Goddess by unknown artist.